Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a very annoyed elf. That elf, being me of course, has had a very, very shitty week.

So far, the only good thing I got this week was Ana's company this evening. Oh, and finally getting my copy of  "Love Never Dies" dvd, and the books from Orpheelin (

The story of this awful week begins on Monday. A festive day here in Spain. I didn't have uni and stayed home reading, drawing and helping with the cleaning of the house. All was good, until my sister came looking all easy going and happy, and said:

-Hey, can you stay home tomorrow afternoon? Mario and I have a date at the spa and we gotta be there around 7pm. We'll be leaving around 5.30 or 6.-
I looked at her with my poker face, raised my eyes from my now ex laptop (aka Optimus Prime), and shook my head.

-Sorry, no can do. I have date at the police for the residence, and it's in the afternoon. Have no idea how long it's gonna take.-  She looked a little annoyed for a second and then sighed.

-Can't you go in the morning? Besides that kind of stuff tends to be done in the mornings. If not, we're gonna lose the date and we already paid.- She looked pretty concerned about it, and me being the stupid good girl I am, couldn't help but sigh and agree. Still, I frowned as I answered her that I would try to do it in the morning.

Since the police station or whatever it is, is in a part of Madrid that I totally dislike- because it feels pretty dangerous- I asked my friend and bodyguard Javi to come with me, to which he totally agreed. 
We were supposed to meet at 11 after I left uni early, at the metro station and then we'd go from there. And after the paper shitty thing we'd go buy my new laptop. Unfortunately, for me of course, Optimus tends to behave in a very unstable and annoying manner, which means that I didn't get Javi's last minute updates on our plans. 

The next morning, I woke up at 8 and didn't go to class. Bad I know, but insomnia is not something I like, and I finally fell asleep around 5, so.. no use in waking up at 6. Anyway, I took a shower, got dressed and left. An hour and a half later I was in the centre of Madrid, waiting for Javi, who obviously never came because he was sick in bed with a fever.
I waited for thirty minutes before deciding to go to the bank to pay for my residence permit and then just go to the police and see if they could take the papers earlier... BUT!  There is always a HUGE BUT... When I took out the papers I had been given, it was clearly written :

Date: March 20
Time: From 16 to 18 pm

I cursed. A LOT.

I paid and, very annoyed, took the metro to Sol, where all the major stores are located. (And also, most of the gothic stores : D)

I walked, trying to cheer myself up listening to my music, ignoring the daily idiot that every now and then comes out of the shadows to say: Hey you pretteeeeh come fuck meeeh... Or things like that.

Ok, I got to Fnac, went down to the -1 floor and then straight to the tattooed seller.
Basically, this is what I told him:

-Hey, I want the best laptop you have that does not go beyond a (censored) euros, with a potent graphic card, good hard drive and core i7. The memory doesn't matter(because I have two to spare XD). I play online games and I'm a designer of sorts, so it better be good.-

He showed me a couple of hp's, a toshiba I think and some asus. But of course, I had already fallen in love with the Asus N73S-TY050. I just wanted to see what other laptops he had to offer. None of them were good enough to last for at least two years. After a little walk around the laptops section, I just walked straight to the silver beauty and said:

-I'll take this one.

And here's when the other disgrace of the week happened. First, I couldn't pay the X00 euros that my Megatron is worth, because my stupid fucking credit card wouldn't let go of my money and practically took it prisoner.
Translation: The amount to be paid exceeded the amount of money I'm allowed to spend per day.

After the good red haired lady tried at least three times to charge me, she sent me down to information to try and make the transaction there. Of course, it was impossible.
Sadly, the guy wasn't as nice as the red haired lady and was pretty annoyed at me. Like it was my fault!
I finally decided to pay part in cash, and the rest with the credit card. Asked him to charge me the most he could, and I took out my wallet to pay the rest in cash.

Bills missing!!! I only had half of what I needed in cash. I knew I had the rest somewhere, and of course there is always the possibility of using COINS. Instead, I asked that awful guy to cancel everything.
I went out, cursing again, and walked to Santander to take the money out.
Then, I walked back to Fnac, paid and took my laptop home.

And you think all was good after that? NO!

Sat down, connected the laptop to the wall and what happened? The screen was fucked. The display looked black from one side and it slowly faded to a light gray on the other.


I suppose, this is what I get for making fun of a good friend of mine, who bought an Acer and it died after 6 months of use?  The fates are evil....

Well, I put everything back into place and decided to change the laptop. And what happened today? It was raining so fucking hard that I couldn't take the box with me, because the guy at fnac had clearly warned me that any damage to the box and they would never change me the laptop if it needed to be replaced.
Also, I took the fucking bus to Uni, and spent two hours there because of the traffic... therefor, I got to school at 10 and not at 9.

I suppose, my dear readers (if I have any, that is), can guess how fucking angry I was. My mood hasn't improved, I have to say.

Well, after class I worked a little on some assignments I have (yay, I'm gonna get paid XD), and tried to get hold of someone in Movistar, to no avail. The problem is that they didn't withdraw the money from my bank account, so they restricted my line. But I paid last Friday, and still I have no line and they keep claiming I owe them 93 euros, when the woman from Telefonica that called me last week, said it was 97,50. Which is totally outrageous, since my line is supposed to be  euros per month, plus the insurance of the phone. That would make it 70 euros with iva included. However, rumor has it Movistar lies about that and adds the iva later. So, instead of being the 84 euros (because I called for a minute and 30 seconds, and sent 25 sms to Georgia), it ended up being 94, which for some fucking reason ended up being 97,50 and I paid 98. Now they claim I still have to pay 93 euros, why I have no idea where that came from. Thankfully my phone can steal wifi : D And I can still connect to the internet, but being unable to call is a bitch.
After my impossibility to talk to someone from that shitty company, I met my blue/turquoise/green haired friend Ana. Oh and that was fun, even if it was only for an hour. Ana's a good, kind hearted girl, who also happens to be a geek and we share most of our tastes. Being with her always cheers me up.
She came with me to fnac, and thankfully the guys today were kinder, and the laptop was replaced.

No further disturbances got in the way, until a stupid old man complained about me sitting with the laptop on the seat next to me, when I was on my ride home. Only, because he wanted to sit THERE. Only THAT seat was perfect for him. Like there weren't any other free seats. Another woman who came after him also complained, but the bus driver sent her to the back of the bus, which was full of empty seats. Bloody idiots. Like I would leave the laptop anywhere else in the bus, and risk it being damaged. NO WAY.

Then came the usual abusing of my sister, not intentional but annoying nonetheless. We had dinner, and I was the one to have to do the dishes AGAIN. And of course I didn't. I only cleaned what I had used and some old stuff that was there since yesterday. The rest was left there to be put in the dishwasher, tomorrow.

Thankfully, this laptop works perfectly fine and it was named Megatron, for its size (17"3) and colour. Although, I doubt it will remain silver forever. I'll probably tune it with one of my drawings, and buy one of those colourful keyboard protectors.

Now, the only quest that remains to be fulfilled, is going to the police to ask for another date for the residence, or perhaps find the way to make them accept my papers anyway XD

I hope that the weekend will be brighter, and next week a better one.

This is it for now :)

So long, and thanks for all the fish!!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Again XD

Just trying to make a new template for this thing.. but for some reason Namo doesn't let me work with the blogger html... U_U

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wow, new post!!

Weeeelll! Who would have imagined? Here I am, writing again after what... three days or so? A little more than that I think...

Anyway, I have a good reason to be writing: MEN.

That awful and pathetic excuse for a... creature? Actually, I shouldn't be blaming the male gender, but the entire human race. This is more about respect.

So, this is how the story began:

Yesterday was the first Saturday I left home for more than just a walk. I went to a huge park called Retiro, with my friend Carolina and her friend Elena. So, we walked around, watched the performers doing silly things... I spotted some handsome foreigners : D (yeah, Spanish guys aren't handsome at all) and drooled at some goths and lolitas walking around and ended up feeling a little annoyed, because it seems my new hairstyle catches too much the eyes of strangers.

We staid there for about an hour, until Caro said we should go to the centre of the city. So, we took the metro to Sol, totally squeezed between strangers because it was so fucking full! It's been about... I don't know.. 8 months since I had to experience such a thing. Luckily, we only had to endure it for two stations, and at the third we hopped off the metro.

Well, we walked around Sol for a bit until Caro got tired and we went to have dinner... My first meal of the day OMG!

All was cool, we chatted, we ate. Not many interesting things to tell about that. So, we ate and left for the metro station again. And here's where it actually started:

We hopped in, it was full again but not so much to have to be glued to each other. As I usually do, I looked around a little at the people around us, and noticed two guys, one latin american guy (I think) and the other was a random black guy. They were talking in english, something that caught my attention, but not for more than 3 minutes, since I was more concentrated on what Carolina was saying. Everything was ok until the black guy tried to say something to me, and I didn't understand a shit, so I asked the other guy in english what it was that they needed. But as soon as I asked, the black guy disappeared and I was left talking to that stupid man, who only wanted to ask me out. I wish I could have been in a more Salander mood mode, because I realized being polite to these people doesn't work. He kept asking for my address, my name, where I'm from. He wanted me to invite him to my place and then go partying... what the fuck?!

Thankfully, Caro understands enough of english to get my words when I asked to get off the metro. We waited for the next train, hoping nothing else would happen... however, I seem to have really bad luck. I got to the bus station, to my stop and noticed three guys staring at me like I was from another planet. I ignored them and it was working until the bus driver opened the doors and we got in. Leaving aside the compliments on my leather jacket, which was the only good thing those guys could say, the rest was a nightmare. The three of them sat in front of me, and one turned around to look at me and started asking questions... again I tried to be polite, but I was freaking out and wishing someone would rescue me xD Impossible thing though.

I ended up telling the guy to go fuck himself. Oh, they were drunk, btw. Bad side was that I couldn't take my usual nap on the bus, and when I got off on my stop, one of the guys kept staring at me again.. had to send him to hell...

All of this resulted on me having nightmares at night, and waking up at 4.30 to turn the lights on because I was scared. Stupid me.

I'm tired of men... sooooooooooooooo very tired.

Useless they are... -.-

Well, cheerio!


Monday, February 20, 2012

OMG I'm blogging again.

It's been years since I wrote anything here XD I was supposed to make a blog for my friends to read when I moved but I forgot. Then my sister made one for herself in tumblr, and told me I should do the same. But it ended up forgotten, as was expected. And now again, a friend complaining that if I'm not online she never hears from me, forced me to, well... write again. Since this account has been active for years and I don't have to work on the bloody html again, I'll just come back to blogspot and leave tumblr to burn in hell.

Where to start... hmm... Well, most of you already know I moved to Spain like four months ago or so, to study traditional and digital illustration. Cool, aye? I mean, the illustration part, not the Spain part :P Madrid is nice, haven't been able to see much of the city yet. Colmenar is nice too, in the mountains and colder than in Buenos Aires, which for me is like heaven. It snowed too little for my liking, only three times and for about an hour. And sadly, even with -6 in the mornings, it has started to feel too warm ._.

Mostly, my time here has been chaotic. Between paperwork for the residence, studying and adjusting to this country I haven't had much time to do anything else. I taught english for a while until I couldn't stand it anymore. Specially after a 40 something year old started taking lessons with me and scared me off.
Now, since I have plans of moving in with my friend Ana, I've been looking for a job again. We hope to move as soon as next month. But who knows what might happen.

For now, I'll say good bye.



Friday, September 21, 2007

and more quizzes

There's nothing new to say...really..I've just been losing time xD

So, instead of studying I'm doing stupid quizzes xD

So here are my results on the harry potter wand quiz xD

Your Score: 11", Holly, Unicorn

You scored 31 wisdom, 38 bravery, 15 emotional, and 27 martyrdom!

Holly is a powerful protective wood that good for use against evil, but it also represents dreams and fertility. Your unicorn's tail hair core means that you are pure of heart and care deeply for your loved ones.

Link: The Harry Potter Wand Test written by sputnik845 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Footprints of Freedom

Footprints of freedom

Lyrics: Angela Aki Translation: Jonathan Wu

When you went on your journey
you didn’t leave a note
because I’d understand anyways
Before the sunrise
you stole away
the sun that should have risen

You returned to the place you
knew before birth
without saying goodbye
promising we’d met again one day

I am waiting
on the other side of eternity
One day I will follow
the footprints you left behind

When you let go of me
you walked in freedom
one step at a time
Isn’t there anything you feared,
or regretted?

I understand
but I long for you
but I know it’s useless
The tears won’t stop
and my thoughts cross over the rainbow

On this earth we seperated
and went on without each other
and yet your footprints
remain right here

You ride away in
the midnight train

I am waiting
on the other side of eternity
One day I will follow
the footprints of freedom

On this earth we seperated
and went on without each other
and yet the footprints of freedom
remain right here
remain right here

lyrics taken from: